• Main points for brake pads replacement

    by   2013-08-15

    1- When to replace brake pads?  Best brake pads, performance brake pads, brake pads manufacturer
    Most vehicles have a wear indicator; just notice and follow the alarm on the dashboard, or manually checking the brake pads lining remainder. Please change it in time, when the brake pads linings have 2-2.5mm left. Under generate condition, checking per 5000KM, by thickness, wear ratio on axle unit, and brake system response.
    Before installing, please make a general inspection for your brake system. Does brake kits all right in working? Any oil stains? Do components (retainers, indicators & pins) connect well?    
    2- Examine the brake discs /brake disks, change a new disc if single-side abraded thickness reach or over 1mm. And you’d better facing the disc if it still workable but it was serious scored, or obtain crumpling, folding & shrinking in the surface. And move up and down on the surface must within 0.08mm.
    3- Try abutting the brake pads & discs, checking the working surfaces well fit each other or not. If not, please make a proper chamfer accordingly. Or else, it will generate brake noise, what worse, resulting brake failure.
    4- Testing impermeability of the calipers’ pistons, make sure no fluid leak. Change new O-rings and dust guard will be necessary. By the way, brake pads & discs can be washed with petrol, but don't loading them unless air dried.
    5- Disassembly / installation for particular vehicles must be done under the direction of relevant maintenance handbooks orderly.  
    6- Testing the brake performance by press the brake pedal gently, consequently, aggressively and suddenly.

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