• Does OEM brake pads are the best?

    by Land Forscher technical team team   2013-08-03

    Performance brake pads


    There are number of brake pads manufacturers. It is dazzling to make a choice. Generally, we may simply buy original/genuine (OEM) brake pads, based on a belief that it is the best quality. But we may ignore that original/genuine (OEM) brake pad does not means the best brake pads. Automotive manufacturers prefer to adopt “capability sufficient” brake pads, to the performance best ones. That’s why modifying parts so flourish in the markets. In other words, OEM brake pads will competent in normally road conditions, and moderate driving habits. But they may not efficient enough when facing emergencies, for example, when sudden brakes during traveling on long descent or highways. You may feel the braking force fading, or even gone; stop distance turning longer; or taking more time to stop, or brake noise, etc.

    In the past 20 years, majority of brake pads (including OEM brakes) are consisted of traditional semi-metallic materials & low-metallic materials. They are low in heat tolerance, corrosion resistant, comfort, another hand, noise in some degree. However, they have been improved or disuse by many well known brands, like FEROD, LAND FORSCHER, TRW, TEXTAR, TMD, bendix brake pads and so on, because In short, the development of brake friction material is a history of material science and engineering, along with the demanding change of automotive industry.


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